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We even tried stacking heavy paint cans on top of his crate to see if that would stop him from moving the crate, but sure enough when we returned the crate was moved, we thought about hiding a video camera while we were out to see if he could still move it but we never did, it will have to remain his secret we will never know how he did it.This means that the pup will automatically become a friend of your aged member in the family. The pup will be around when the small chores are being done.When the aged member takes a walk around the neighborhood, the pup will hop along and this will provide a fun distraction. The pup will also be a low tension responsibility. Since you have trained the animal properly, the aged family member will just have to make sure that the pup follows its instructions properly.It’s their way of cknowledging your love and saying thank you as they complete this incarnation.
Not all dogs are. Dogs can have genetic issues or medical issues that render them untrainable or at least requires them to visit their veterinarian prior to starting training. Your trainer should council you as to what type of training is right for your particular schedule and your dogs particular issues.
First is observation. Observe carefully the different activities of your pet dog. When dogs are about to do something, they usually give out signs or warning signals. Excreting is a typical example for this. Pay attention and make a note of the time of the day and behavioral signs that your pet dog may exhibit when about to excrete.Let your pet dog go outside the house. Just see to it that your pet doesn’t destroy your plants or whatever. Do this everyday at the same time. Allow your pet dog to choose the place where he can excrete.
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